5 Reasons Why Cabarete is the Best Spot for an Active Vacation

Cabarete, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic boasts many attractions and natural wonders. Without a doubt, the enchanting coastline is one of them which makes it one of the best spots to have an active vacation. Stretching for miles in either direction of our beautiful property, you can find many ocean-centric activities as well as a population of active people. If you choose to call Cabarete home for some months of the year, you can expect your life to become much healthier and active while you are here. Below are the 5 reasons why we think Cabarete is the best spot for an active vacation.

  1. There’s a Yoga Class Around Every Corner

yoga in cabarete active vacation
Yoga on Cabarete Beach

If you are looking for a place where yoga classes fill every part of the day, look no further than Cabarete. Residents and visitors to Cabarete alike are yoga junkies and the yoga community here has responded with a variety of locations and teachers to choose from with a yoga class that will fit just about anyone’s schedule. Whether you are here for a yoga intensive retreat, or want to simply work some relaxing yoga into your active vacation, we can recommend a class and schedule for you!  Here is a list of the locations currently offering yoga in Cabarete:

  • Natura Cabana
  • Hooked Cabarete
  • Surf Break Lodge
  • Millenium Resort
  • Extreme Hotel
  • Villa Taina
  • Casa Feliz
  1. Consistent Winds Make Cabarete One of the Top 10 Kiting Destinations Worldwide

Kiteboarding in cabarete
Kiteboarding in Cabarete – Photo: Charlie Durrant

We personally think it’s the BEST kiting destination worldwide, and so do the kiteboarders that flock here every year. Starting with the countless kite spots in Cabarete, you have a smorgasboard of conditions to choose from. From riding waves on the reef, to perfecting your tricks at La Boca de Yasica – a flat water river mouth just east of town. Quite possibly the best part about kiting in Cabarete is the proximity of the kiting beaches to all the amenities. From Encuentro, to Kite Beach, to Cabarete, You can enjoy an amazing afternoon kiting session, and immediately be sitting down to a beach side meal or drink 10 minutes later. Looking to learn how to kiteboard? There is a big kiting community here, and lots of kite schools and certified IKO instructors to choose from. Here are a list of our recommended kite schools in Cabarete:

  • Big Willy’s Kite School – Kite Beach
  • Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding (LEK) – Cabarete
  • Ion Kite School – Cabarete
  1. Beach Walking is a National Pastime Here

beach walk cabarete active vacation
Beach walking in Encuentro

If you’re not into organized sports or exercise, but still want to have an active vacation, there is no better way than cruising the local beaches with a partner or going solo. You will probably even pick up a friendly local K9 companion along the way. The sights from the shoreline are always changing so be prepared for your obsession to grow, and for the miles of enchanting shoreline to fly by in the blink of an eye. We recommend trying the walk safari – walk from Encuentro beach to Cabarete – about 5 km, there you can enjoy a drink or meal at one of  many beach side restaurants, and it’s easy to catch public transportation or a cab back to Ocean Palms in Encuentro afterwards.

  1. If  You’ve Ever Been Inspired to Hit the Gym, You Will Be Now

active vacation cabarete
Head to the gym while in Cabarete on your active vacation

Cabarete is one of the most popular places for an active vacation. Travellers flock here for all the reasons mentioned in this blog. From kiteboarding, to surfing, to yoga and fitness retreats, the town is teaming with smiling, fit people. So if you’re looking for a little fitspo while on your vacation, you will be sure to find it here. Cabarete and Sosua are also home to a variety of gyms. Head to the gym solo, or work with a trainer for incredible results. Either way Cabarete will inspire the best in you!

  1. Choose From the Other Wide Variety of Activities

active vacation kayaking sosua beach
Kayaking in Crystal Clear Kayaks, Sosua Beach

One of the best things about Cabarete is the sheer quantity of activities to occupy your time. Many travellers come here for 2 weeks and end up stay 2 years, and we can understand why! There’s just not enough time on your vacation to try them all! That’s why we offer long term rentals 😉 Our front desk staff will be happy to help you plan your activities and excursions during your stay. Below is a list of some of Cabarete’s best activities:

Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Cabarete Bay or Kite Beach in the Morning – Get out there before the sun gets too hot and the wind picks up. The ocean is amazingly clear and calm in the morning, and paddleboarding over the reef is great. Contact Big Willy Kite School or Ion for SUP rentals and lessons

Mountain Bikini in El Choco – Great for a cloudy or windless afternoon! Talk to Iguana Mamma about renting bikes and getting a guided tour of El Choco Nataional Park’s amazing single track trail system. There are also easier beginner routes, and flatter riding if you prefer. It is a great way to see the local vegetation and bird and wildlife in the Campo of the Dominican Republic!

Surfing at Playa Encuentro – without a doubt the most consistent surf beach on the Island. With 5 separate breaks, you’ll want to make sure you schedule a surf lesson or board rental to experience the best of the area. The view from the break looking back at the palm lined beach is one of the best things about staying in Encuentro Beach!

Kayaking in Sosua Bay – Crystal Clear Kayaks takes kayaking to the next level! Enjoy a seamless view of the perfectly clear water in Sosua bay in one of their fleet of completely clear kayaks. Explore the bay from shore to shore and the amazing reef in between that is home to many fish and a popular snorkelling spot. Sosua beach offers shelter from the wind and waves, and is a great spot for a beach day getaway.

Whether you are staying at Ocean Palms for a quick weekend getaway, or call it your winter home, you will find the location is perfect to enjoy the wide variety of activities in Cabarete.

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