Diving in Sosua Dominican Republic

Sosua and the surrounding areas are considered home to some of the best diving spots in the Dominican Republic. Sosua is located in the region of Puerto Plata on the North Coast and hosts a variety of great dive attractions for beginner and advanced divers as well as snorkelers. Swim amongst schools of tropical fish, and see rays and barracudas if you’re lucky. Enjoy the best dive sites in the country just 10 minutes from your apartment at Ocean Palms, with package rates available to our guests. Read on to find out more about the best dive sites in the area and what time of year to visit.

Airport Wall

airport wall dive sosua
Airport Wall

Considered one of the best dive sites on the island, Airport wall is located close to the Puerto Plata runway and is a 15 min boat ride from Sosua Beach. Here you can find an array of sea life ranging in size from the minuscule shrimp that live on the whip corals to large Jewish Fish and an abundance of soft and hard corals. You could easily spend a day here.

Zingara Wreck

Zingara Wreck Sosua dive sites
Zingara Wreck, Sosua. Photo: Merlin Dive Centre

The Zingara Wreck is a purposefully sunk dive site located at 120ft or 36m just outside of Sosua.

Three Rocks

Three rocks sosua
Three Rocks, Sosua. Photo: Scuba Caribe

One of the most famous and easy to access dive sites in Sosua is Three Rocks. This man made reef was created naturally by sinking 3 large rocks to attract the abundance of sea life.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is located close to Three Rocks and is great for more experienced divers. There you will find a plethora of soft corals and fans and whips at a depth of 24m.


Located right in the center of Sosua bay, this is a favourite site for beginners as it starts at 10m and can go as deep as 30m. Keep your eye out for old artifacts, like an anchor that is hundreds of years old and encrusted in sea life. Furthermore, you can swim through this canyon and head either north or south.

West Wall

Located 150m from the boat ramp in Sosua Beach, West Wall is a favourite multi-level dive site. Find a wide variety of reef fish and old pieces of train track that were once part of the banana exporting facilities.

Mini Wall

mini wall sosua seahorse
Sea horses spotted while diving at Mini Wall in Sosua. Photo: Superior Dive Sosua

Located at a beach called Calle Sin Salida, this dive site is home to coral pinnacles that create a maze like structure in the sand descending to 30m or 100ft. Spot anything from large tunas to seahorses!

When to Visit:

The best time of year to dive in the Puerto Plata region is in the summer time (June- August) when the oceans are calmer and clearer. Second to that is the winter from December until March during humpback breeding season when you can both hear and see the lovely creatures migrating from the North Atlantic to calve in the bay in Samana, Dominican Republic. Read more about the seasons of the region in our Cabarete Vacation Guide!

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