How to Pamper Yourself While on Vacation at Ocean Palms, Cabarete

Cabarete is a beautiful beach town located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Famous for it’s kitesurfing and other watersports, the region has also made a name for itself by catering to the many independent travellers that come here every year. Far different from the resort town of Punta Cana in the south, Cabarete has it’s own magical local vibe going on. There are many businesses owned by both locals and expats that offer a wide range of services with a unique flair. From restaurants and cafes to fitness and watersports activities. If you’re here for a watersports vacation and need a little R&R for your sore muscles, or you’re just looking for a great way to pamper yourself while on vacation, we have put together a guide on How to Pamper Yourself While on Vacation at Ocean Palms, Cabarete.

Manicure pedicure cabarete

1. Get your nails done

Dominican women have a strong culture of visiting the salon to have both their hair and nails done. It is common to see a lady looking her absolute best on Saturday night and repeating her salon visits weekly to maintain that appearance. From gel tip nails to a simple mani-pedi, nail care is an absolute must if you want to really shine in the Caribbean sun. And what better way to treat your toes after months of being covered by shoes than a sparkling pedicure. We highly recommend 2 salons in Cabarete for getting your nails done: N-Day Spa located in the center of Cabarete across from Friends Restaurant, and Get Nailed, located next to Ocean Dream plaza at the singular street light in Cabarete.

2. Take a relaxing yoga class

Yoga is a big deal in Cabarete, there are many beautiful yoga studios and lofts to either work up a sweat, or melt into your mat. The tropical temperatures mean that every class is a Moksha Yoga class allowing you to really relax and achieve new levels in your practice. There are a variety of places that offer yoga in Cabarete. We recommend Natura Cabana in Perla Marina and Hooked Cabarete which is just down the road from us in Encuentro.

3. Swim in the Atlantic

encuentro beach gopro
Swimming at Encuentro Beach

This may seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, floating in the highly salinated Atlantic Ocean is one of the best ways to sooth muscles and erase all your worries. The best time for a swim at Encuentro Beach is in the morning, we recommend swimming on either the east or west side of the surf breaks for a nice sandy bottom and secluded swimming experience. The water temperature here hovers around 27 degrees C or 80 degrees F, which means that the water feels extra salty and buoyant, and you can stay in for as long as you want without getting cold.

4. Do a digital detox

digital detox cabarete
Digital detox while you’re on vacation with us

It’s easy to stay connected while you’re on your vacation at Ocean Palms, with centralized fibre optic wifi, you’ll never miss a message, meme, or memo. But remember, taking time away from your device can be the secret ingredient to having a truly relaxing trip. Try turning your phone off for a day and tucking your lap top into your luggage in the closet. Set up auto responses so you don’t have to worry about a thing, and sit back and relax for 24, 48… even 72 hours. How long will you last!?

We love to see our guests relaxed during their stay at Ocean Palms. Our front desk staff would be happy to arrange appointments for you, or to help you book a treatment on site. After all the ultimate vacation is one where you arrive home feeling rested and pampered!

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